Use of our Images

We spend a considerable amount of time and money investing in images which provide buyers with clear detail of the product they are purchasing.

Products with a brand of Dancers World, Click Dancewear or Arena use images which have been created in house and may not be used without permission.

Products from other manufacturers may be displayed using their original image with permission or one which has been enhanced by us at our cost with the use of additional colour swatches, additional photographic shots or other means of providing additional detail. These enhanced images whether part includes another manufacturers allowed material or not, are unique to us and may not be reproduced without permission.

We do allow the reproduction of our images on web sites and social media where the image includes a link to the item for sale either on this web site or one of our other associated sales channels. Re-sellers of our products have their own agreements with us.

The inclusion of our images in online galleries, or as a result of web searches does not provide a licence to use, and we will deal with breaches of our Intellectual Property rights on a case by case basis to the strongest level of the law. Initially we will ask that these be removed, but continued use or further breaches will incur charges and possible court action. 

More detailed explanations on the use of others images can be found below