About Us

Once Upon a Time......

There was a little girl who dreamed of being a dancer. Not just any dancer, her dreams were full of brightly coloured dancers floating and gliding across the floor, loving every moment.

Who would have thought all those years ago that not only would those dreams come true, but in time that little girl would be helping to make the dancing dreams of other young girls come true as well!

Not only has life been kind in letting me express my thoughts and emotions through the wonderful world of dance, but I was lucky enough to meet my wonderful husband through dance (we've just clocked up 40 years of wedded bliss), become a dance teacher and along with my husband run our own dance school for 20 years. Thousands of people of all ages joined us, exploring the beautiful and captivating rhythms of the ballroom & latin dances, perfecting the technique of ballet, or being able to soak up the tap beat.

Throughout our time as teachers, we saw dancewear of all kinds. We began to realise that often teachers were finding it difficult to kit out their class at a reasonable price with garments and shoes that would not only wear well but look good as well. As a result Dancers World was born - a dancewear brand that has now clothed thousands of dancers!

Over the years our manufacturing has evolved, and now 30 years down the line with the help of the wonderful medium we call the internet, we can offer the same quality dancewear direct to dancers everywhere!  Throughout the years our commitment to support UK manufacturing has remained a pillar of our ethos, and we fly the UK flag with pride.

Our Team

Our wonderful staff are a constant source of inspiration, and we love for them to get involved.

Here is an insight into some of our key staff members. We're trying hard to persuade them to 'smile for the camera' so real life images to follow soon! 

Jenny our Office Manager has been with us for over 12 years. Starting as an admin clerk, Jenny has 'danced her way through the ranks'. What she doesn't know about our in-house systems isn't worth knowing, and Jenny instantly recognises the voices of many of our regular customers. She travels over an hour to get to work each day - that's real dedication!

Emma is our Brand Executive. Although the newest of our senior staff, Emma is constantly refining our branding, exploring new opportunities and enhancing relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers. As the mother of two young daughters, we're looking forward to the day they wear their first leotards and ballet shoes! Keep your eyes peeled for the picture. Emma's most recent addition to her family - a beautiful baby daughter, is inspiring us to add tiny baby size leotards to our ranges, the first of which are now available.

Angie is our Warehouse Supervisor and heads up the order picking and stock replenishment. If you can't find something 'ask Angie' is the phrase we all use. She has even been persuaded on the odd occasion to model some footwear for us.

Sally works with us in a variety of areas. She helps run our pop up shops, factory sales and other promotions, as well as providing an extra pair of hands as and when needed in all areas of our business. A real 'Girl Friday' on any day of the week.