Convenience Shoes

Convenience Shoes

You already know how useful your local corner shop is. No fuss, no time delays. just convenient!

Well now, the 'convenience factor' has come to dance shoes, and we're proud to showcase some of the more popular ones.

For some time now, ballet shoes with elastic already attached have been available. The Roch Valley Ophelia are a really popular well priced version which are one of our best sellers. 

More recently tap shoes with basic heel taps already attached arrived. A real time saver for busy parents, and no more frustration in not being able to find that elusive screwdriver when you need it. 

Now, pull on Jazz shoes have arrived. Our favourites are the new RVNeo . Available in Black & Flesh, they have a strong neoprene arch, split sole with a rubber sole & heel and come in sizes junior 10 right through to an adult 10 with adult 11 arriving soon 

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